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   In the early years Theo Golb was influenced by Cubism and Suprematism. His style developed along a very long and complex path, ultimately taking its current form around 2000  following a short stay in Morocco – the country he calls “the promised land, where colours turn rapturous under a divine light.” He then abandoned his oils for acrylics and collage, creating his own mixed technique.

   Theo Golb's early passion for architecture and music has become increasingly evident in his most recent compositions. The polyphonic principles of Baroque music and the geometric logic of architecture allow him to create abstract compositions of a rare intensity, in which geometry turns fluid, generating its own vibrant reality.

   The last years, still looking for the new ways of aesthetic expression, the artist successfully explores digital technologies. 

   Theo Golb was born in China, to Ukrainian parents. He spent the first half of his life in Germany, Lithuania and Ukraine before settling in Montreal in 1992.



  • Music School, Germany, Lithuania

  • Linguistic University of Minsk

  • Theatre master class

  • Ceramics workshop, Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Montreal University



  • History, Art and Music Teacher

  • French language teacher

  • College Theatre , Art Director

  • Artistic Consultant, Observatoire 4 Art Gallery, Montreal



Paintings, drawings, photographs and ceramics are part of several private collections in Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Israel, South Africa, the United States, France, Germany and Quebec.


1984 - Collective exhibit, National Arts and Crafts Fair, Vilnius, Lithuania

 1988 - Individual exhibit, Art Gallery , Vilnius, Lithuania

1991 - Collective exhibit, National Arts and Crafts Fair, Vilnius, Lithuania
1988 – 1990 - Creation of frescoes and stained-glass windows for High School 53, Vilnius, Lithuania
1993 - Collective exhibit, Entrecadre Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2015 - Several series of acrylic paintings are permanently exhibited at the  Richelieu Gallery, Montreal (Qc).

2018 - Collection of more than 300 works (acrylic, mixed technique, digital works and photography) is presented by galleries on line:

Artforyou, Amsterdam, Netherlands;   Artmajeur, Paris, France and Fallani Venezia, Italy.

2019 (March) - Individual exhibit RHYTHM & COLORS, Gallery LUZ, Montreal Canada.

2019 (June-July) - Collective exhibit. Gallery Luz, Montreal, Canada

2019 (September-October) - Individual Exhibit REMAINS, CIRCLE OF TIME. Galery Luz, Montreal, Canada

2019 (September) - Donation of 12 digital works to George-Vanier high school of Montreal School Board, Canada

2020 -  Collective exhibit ''COMME AU MUSÉE''. Gallery Lenoir, Montréal, Canada

2020 - Collective exhibit ''UNE OEUVRE DANS LA VILLE''. Gallery Lenoir, Montréal, Canada

2020, September - Collective exhibit. Gallery Lenoir, Montreal, Canada

2021 (February) - Collective exhibit. Gallery Lenoir, Montreal, Canada

Since 2021 digitally represented by Agora Gallery, New York, USA

2021 (June 14 - October 14) - Online exhibition RIVER OF DREAMS, Contemporary Art Curator magazine, London, England

2022 - Salon des artistes - Montreal (Qc) Canada

2023 - Salon des artistes - Montréal (Qc) Canada

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